5 Easter activities to do with kids at home.

Kids have 2 weeks of spring holidays around here, that means 14 days or 336 hours or 20160 minutes of full time kids at home. For me… this is a big challenge.

So I decided to plan ahead and set one activity a day and start out with fun, crafting or cooking. I happened to meet (virtually) a couple of instagram accounts and their creative minds behind them, they were holding a weekly challenge, that I happened to win YAYYYY!, as I was saying, a challenge called #eastercraftybreakfast and this was key for me. I had even more motivation and better yet I found myself learning so much from other creative parents around Ireland. It was great.

In this post I’m sharing a summary of the activities we did at home. They are all simple, fun and very easy to do. Hope you like them!

1. Easter finger puppets:

Nice and simple way to start the week.

All you need is:

  • pompoms
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes.
  • hot glue gun (or good craft glue)
  • orange paper or felt.



2. Peek a boo chick

for this activity we prepared the glitter eggs the night before. We used glitter glue and we needed to let it fully dry.

The following day I put them together, older kids might be able to participate more, but mine are still too young to do much about this.

you’ll need:

  • cardboard cut into egg shapes.
  • glitter glue in various colours.
  • clothes pegs.
  • small googly eyes (or marker to draw them).
  • coloured paper or cardboard for the chicks body.
  • scissors.
  • hot glue gun.



3. Washi tape easter cards

The setting for this activity is so simple and it keeps the little hands (and minds) so happily busy that I know we are going to be doing more of these, with different shapes and themes I guess.

you need 3 things:

  • paper
  • washi tapes in different designs and colours.
  • scissors.



4. Bunny bunting

I got inspiration from an idea I saw on Pinterest but adapted it to our style.

For this activity I did all the cutting, but older kids can easily help with that task, so bunnies and flags were ready before hand.

It was fun to make the pompons with scraps of yarn. We used the fork method, it took a lot of hand – eye coordination from the girls, and a lot of patience on my end 😉 but eventually we did it.

The following morning we put everything together and it looks sooooo cute! We love it so much we plan on moving it to the girls’ room after easter.

you’ll need:

  • card paper for flags (we did 12 in total)
  • patterned paper, or paper of choice for bunnies.
  • pompons.
  • glue stick.
  • glue gun.
  • scissors
  • yarn.



5. Cutest easter bunny pancakes

To make these super cute easter pancakes you just need to follow your favourite recipe and consider this tips:

  1. Make 2 sizes of pancakes: the smaller one for the head.
  2. For the ears you can spread the mix in an 2 small ovals way or cut a bigger one lengthwise.
  3. For the feet, two small chubby ovals are perfect. we used banana slices and chocolate chips for the looks, but there are many other possibilities.
  4. Our bunny tail is plain greek yogurt but some whipped cream could be so yummy and fluffy looking as well.
cutest easter bunny pancake

I hope you like them and please tag me along if you try any of these, I’m @stayathomefun_ie on instagram

Next week…

Second week of holidays start off with earth day. So I’m planning a week full of fun and simple activities to celebrate this big day, stay tuned!

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