Butterfly suncatchers

Spring is finally here!! To be honest, I am a winter person and this winter wasn’t that bad, but spring is making me feel so energised. I love the colours, birds singing, the scents, the hay fever, the allegies, asthma… you get why I like winter. 

I’ve been spending quite a lot of my “free time” locked in my studio working, studying and feeling guilt climb up my spine and rooting into my head.
I feel I’m not spending good quality time with the girls since multi tasking has mutated into what looks more like a drunk knives juggling show (to be clear: drunk from sleep deprivation, I wish otherwise!).
So in order to achieve peace of mind, I have made a deal with my inner guilty self: one fun activity with the girls after a long day of work/study.

And it works! I put my mind off, connect with them, enjoy the moment and use my phone only to make pictures. (they love to show off their creations with family and friends and me too! #honesty)

Making these sun catchers is super easy and there are many ways of doing them. I am doing them with a laminator. Got mine at Lidl last year and it works really well, there are other very affordable options on amazon as well. 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, this means that with no additional cost to you, you’ll be helping me keep my blog going. 

What you’ll need to make sun catchers:

  1. laminating pouches. I prefer A5 pouches like this one for this type of crafts, they are really cheap and there isn’t much waste space.
  2. laminator. (Keep on reading for an option without laminator).
  3. translucent paper in different colours.
  4. scissors
  5. glue stick
  6. shape template of choice. (we used butterfly).

Getting started

Having everything ready before hand makes all kids related activities much easier and enjoyable – And now that I think about it it applies for every aspect of their lives!

What I mean by having everything ready is: create a working station for each child, make it easy for them to know where everything is and work without struggling. Kids get easily frustrated when they can’t find what they need or the activities don’t go as planned.

How to make a sunchatcher, step by step

  1. Start by cutting down the pieces of transparent paper. If your kids are big enough you might want to just cut long tripes of paper and allow them to cut them in little squares.
  2. Trace the template over one of the inner sides of the laminating pouch. 
  3. Make the outer line of the design thicker.
  4. stick pieces of translucent paper inside the Butterly (or shape of choice). Important rule here: do not stick them over the thick border, try to keep them in.
  5. once every single space is filled, laminate.
  6. cut and show off on a sunny window.

A few variation ideas

This can easily be done without a laminator but with regular transparent contact paper, it will make it easier to stick the little papers since you won’t need any glue, but it won’t have the sturdy finish of the laminator.

An other option is to get the laminator pouches and use a steam iron, without steaming! cover the laminating pouch with a cloth and iron over it. it should get sealed as well.

I also like the idea of using big confetti paper instead of translucent paper, I think it gives a more festive look. Will definitely try it soon!

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