Blooming paper flowers – easy craft

These blooming paper flowers are cute, simple and can easily be adapted for any occasion. We made some today for Mother’s Day. 
I like to think of little things that make a difference on anyone’s day, and I’m sure these gorgeous paper flowers have the potential to do that and more, give them a try!

What you’ll need:

This simple craft for kids (and adults!) is so simple that you need things I’m sure you’ll have around the house.


Doesn’t get easier than that!

Since I’m a bit lazy, decided to make a template and have it ready for coming occasions. My girls love them so much they are already thinking what to do with them.

How to make the blooming flowers

You can either draw your own flowers or download the template from here.

If you choose to draw your own, make sure the inner part of the flower is big enough to hold the length of the petals when you fold them in.


  1. draw/ print the flowers
  2. colour in (avoid water soluble pencils since they’ll lose colour n the water).
  3. cut out.
  4. fold petals in.
  5. Place on plate with water.
  6. ENJOY!

Cute variations

A nice idea is to leave a loving message inside with instructions for the person to follow.  IMPORTANT: use permanent markers or regular pen for this. Again, avoid water soluble inks.

I also thought it could be nice to post, via traditional post, to some one.  Love sending cards and letters to my family and friends and this is actually a super nice idea to send over to them.

Use them more than once

Yes! you can dry them out flat and re use them once they are completely dry! isn’t this just perfect?

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