Lunchbox ideas for preschoolers

I’ve been sharing our lunchboxes through instagram and it has been a big success, so I thought that once every two weeks I could share our 6 favourite lunchboxes with some tips, recipes and more. 

Anatomy of our lunchbox

When I think about the lunchbox I try to keep in mind the following formula: 

fruit + dairy + something filling. 

None of my daughters likes to drink milk reason why having some yogurt or cheese is a must for us. As per the rest of the lunchbox, the fruit will depend on what we have at home, and the actual lunch will probably be some leftover or an adaptation of it. 

I’m all about optimising time and resources. I do most of my cooking beforehand and my biggest fantasy is to have an upright freezer… one day… one day…

Our top 6 favourites

Our favourites are decided according to 2 parameters:

  1. Was all food eaten?
  2. Was it easy to prepare?


1. Ham and cheese sandwich

Main lunch: Always reliable ham and cheese sandwich in brioche bread. I try get all natural ham or if not available I buy a lean type. Cheese is usually cheddar, although im switching to thin parmigiano slices. 

Fruit: black grapes halved 

Dairy: Squeezy fromage frais, strawberry flavour.

2. Moroccan meatballs

Main lunch: Moroccan lamb meatballs. I usually make these ahead and have some in the freezer. I follow this recipe although I cook them in the oven for 20 minutes. These are delicious with a yogurt dressing but for the lunch box purposes I might just add a slice of lemon. 

Fruit: black grapes halved 

Dairy: OH OH! Does the creamy part of the oreo count as dairy? It was a Friday lunchbox and I like to throw in a nice treat like this pack of mini oreos.



3. Ham and cheese quiche

Main lunch: simple ham and cheese quiche made with whole meal crust. I bake several of these, and once again stock up the freezer. These are life savers!

Fruit: strawberries, halved.

Dairy: frube (yogurt tube) apricot flavour.

4. Brown basmati rice with chicken

Main lunch: As the weather starts to get colder, sending something warm to eat sounds very comforting. these flasks are great and can hold food warm for long. This brown basmati rice, baked potatoes and chicken were a huge success. 

Fruit: Apple quarters.



Dairy: frube (yogurt tube) apricot flavour.



5. Ham and cheese slices

Main lunch: some ham and cheese slices. May daughters love to have ham rolled up.

Fruit: Apple. When I get some unsized apples, I just halve them, remove the core and seeds and put them back together into a small container. its an other way to avoid getting that nasty orange look. 

Dairy: … Oops! ok… on my defence, this slice of chocolate banana bread is home made and YUM! 

6. Wholemeal wraps

Main lunch: Wholemeal wraps with cheese spread and ham (ok, need to work in this, a see lots of ham in our favourites!)

Fruit: plum. (pitted).

Dairy: Munch Bunch Squashum Strawberry Yoghurt


Things to consider…

I hope you like our ideas, I try to keep things varied and nutritious but after all a lunchbox represents one one meal of the day. These lunchboxes are intended for a 5 year old girl going to school from 8.15 until 12.55. She has 2 small breaks. One for a snack and one for a “bigger snack” as the school calls it. 

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