Crochet chair socks that saved our lease – true story

We moved to Malta with a 2.5 year old, a 1 year old and a small car loaded with our things. Little table and chairs included. We didn’t have a permanent place to live in, only an airbnb apartment booked for 8 days. We were optimistic – and unrealistic – thinking we could find a place in that time.

what were we thinking?!

Days were passing by and we couldn’t find a decent place to live in. Finally, on day 7, we found a nice apartment near my partner’s workplace, what a relief!

There was one little detail we didn’t consider at that time, our landlord lived in the apartment right below us!

Maite, the wee one, had just discovered her bipedalism. She moved about as fast as she could. legs wide open, toddling like a cowboy with a full nappy. She was DRAGGING EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE SHE COULD. Think of the sound of wooden chairs against the tiled floor with no carpets, MADNESS.

It wasn’t long until we received a visit from our landlord/ neighbour. He was not happy, his wife wasn’t happy and we needed to make immediate changes or things could go bad.

Somehow, my sleep deprived brain had a moment of inspiration and came up with a solution. I crocheted socks for the chairs and table ( yes, she pushed the little table around too). Easy, effective and cheap. Perfect!

So I want to show you how to make them yourself, it is very simple, really. These crochet chair socks make a perfect project for a crochet beginner.

Truth is these knitted chair socks are great for protecting wooden floors from scratches, adding a splash of colour to a nursery or playroom, and in my case, keeping friendly relationships with neighbours.

What you’ll need

  • 5mm crochet hook (US/UK conversion charts found here)
  • cotton yarn or worsted weight yarn of the desired colours.
  • yarn needle
  • scissors

How to crochet chair socks

You won’t believe how easy it is to crochet chair socks for children’s furniture. We have the Ikea kritter white table and chairs set.

Stitches used (UK terms, see conversion chart here)

  • magic ring (video tutorial here)
  • double crochet (dc)
  • slip stitch (sl st)
  • chain (ch)

Knit in the round, no need to separate one round from the other with a slip stitch.

round 1: magic ring (or magic loop) + 6dc.

round 2: increase in every stitch (2dc per stitch) total of 12 dc

round 3: 1dc, 1 increase. total of 18 dc.

Now, just knit around and around until you reach the desired length. no need to count rounds, just measure them and try to make all socks the same length.

Final round: slip stitch all around, it gives that round a better look. Join the round, weave in the remaining yarn and done!

These socks below were a present for a friend of mine, I liked the idea of combining two different colours of yarn.

Quick tip:

Make one and try it on your chairs, you may feel them too loose or too tight.

If they are too loose, you might want to try starting off with 5 dc and making 5 dc increases in rows 2 and 3.

If they are too tight, that is actually good, less chances of the socks slipping away.


Do you like them? let me know if you try them out!



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