Lidl’s seed pots: fun and easy way to learn.

I’m constantly thinking of simple, fun and short activities to do with my girls.I was thrilled to find out that Lidl supermarket was been giving out seed pots for every 20€ spent. So every time I went shopping I had to restrain myself from starting out the seed pots. (#badmumconfession I started one on my one before they got back from school).

After a few different seed potting experiences I feel confident to share with you the tips and tricks that made from this an amazing and educational activity.

This little Lidl seed pots come with very clear instructions and a wide variety of vegetables to collect. But first of all, something I always recommend my friends before they start an activity kids kids: Be prepared. getting ready before hand makes a huge difference when playing with children. You avoid impatient waiting, lack of attention, tantrums and mess.


Things you’ll need

  • Lidl seed pots
  • water dropper (optional)
  • small cup with some water (20 – 30ml)
  • small plate ( I used lids of greek yogur pots)
  • tea spoon


NOTE: you’ll need at least one of each of these per child.

How to set the activity

Prepare a working station for each child. Place the plate, the dropper, the teaspoon and the cup with a little bit of water next to the seed pot. The instructions ask for 20-30ml of water, so I just pour that amount to avoid mess and over watered soil.

Each seed pot contains a soil tablet, seeds and a little label to write down the name of the child and date.

The dropper is optional, but I can’t recommend this enough. Giving them a dropper will make the activity last a bit longer and at the same time its a great fine motor skill exercise for young hands. If you don’t have droppers at home you can easily use some old Caldpol syringes… we all have bottles and bottles of Caldpol around the house, right?

Before starting

All nature related activities are great to encourage observational skills. Invite the kids to study the soil tablet. Is it hard or soft? big or small? dry or wet? what colour is it?

Then, ask them to start hydrating the tablet adding small amounts of water at a time. Bring in some more questions. What is happening? How did the plug changed when we added the water?

If your kids are big enough to write you could ask them to write down this observations and compare them later. If not, just encourage observation.

Start sowing!

Once the tablet is fully hydrated, the soil crumbles. Ask the children to scoop in the compost into the fibre container using the teaspoon. Remember to leave some behind to be able to cover the seeds. Follow instructions from the seed pot.

Label each pot and place near a sunny window.

The girls have been checking on their seed pots daily and watering them with the dropper as needed. I can’t wait to see them harvest their produce, they might start eating radish!

If you want to know more about the variety of seed pots there is, you can download Lidl’s growing guide from this LINK. 

 seed pots lidl

If you don’t have Lidl’s seed pot at hand…

No worries! You can easily do this with soil tablets or compost plugs usually found at any garden centre. For the container you can use empty yogurt cups. To motivate your children make them choose their favourite veggie seeds.




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