How to knit a word or name

In this tutorial I want to show you how to knit a word or name with a knitting dolly. It’s so simple and it can have so many uses: a name for a nursery or a positive word to add colour and encouragement to a wall or bookcase. I’ll try to share as much detail as possible to make it easier.

I chose the word love. It might be a bit of a simple common word, but I was looking for something to go with the girls’ wall of memories and nothing described it better than love. Being an expat means that our daughters are growing up without direct relatives near us, plus we just moved to a new country leaving our friends behind.

So we printed out many pictures of us together with family and friends and created a sort of mosaic with lots of fun and loving memories. To stick the pictures I used some elephant snot (it is called like that, I swear, don’t blame the messenger).

photo mosaic without word detail

When I finished the mosaic, something was missing. And im sure you’ll agree that this little touch of colour and inspiration made a huge difference. I was looking for something simple, to give colour and texture to the wall, something like the knitted doorknobs I made a while ago.

What you’ll need

  • print out of word or name.
  • yarn of chosen colour.
  • knitting dolly
  • masking tape.
  • craft wire or any malleable wire.
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun (optional)


First of all you need to print out the word or name of your choice. If you want to go with love, you can download the pdf from HERE.

Once you have that, figure out the length of the wire and knitted cord you’ll need. For doing so, follow the word with some piece of yarn, and then measure the length of it laying it straight. That will give you and idea of the minimum length of wire. In my case, I considered some extra length on each side of the word.


Start knitting!

Continue knitting…

Some more…

Ok, once you have the desired length you can stop. Now, put some tape on the tip of the wire, just a little bit, it will help it move smoothly all the way into the cord.

Slide the wire into the entire length of the cord, cut it. Add some tape to the end of the wire and close the cord.

Now… the tricky part is to fold the corded wire into the word. Be patient. Use the template to guide you. Make the necessary folds: I found that in some particular places where the cord overlapped, a few touches with the hot glue gun was really helpful.


I wanted the word to be longer to kind of give a frame to the photo mosaic.


My girls now sit on the bed and share stories while looking at the pictures. I love it. To hang it on the wall I used regular nails, but I can think of other better ways to do it. Might try some transparent sticky hooks next time.