DIY door knob for kids wardrobes

We rented our place in Dublin while living in Malta so we couldn’t actually see it first. As we moved in I started noticing little things that needed fixing. My first project was the girls’ room, particularly the wardrobe because it was missing a doorknob and it desperately needed a more comfy look.


Making a rental place feel homey isn’t always easy, specially when you are renting a furnished house. You need to work with what you have. So I decided I was going to give the girls’ room the cosiest look possible. I was amazed to see how a tiny detail as a doorknob could give so much flare to a room.

These knitted doorknobs are easy to make, they add colour and texture to the room. And the best part is: they are cheap and a perfect project to do while watching your favourite show on Netflix. 😉 you are welcome!

So, this is what I did.

Got my knitting dolly, cotton yarn scraps I had in bright pink, some wooden beads from an old toy (#badmomconfession: I hated this toy… I got tired of picking up wooden beads from around the house so I hid it and now I use the beads for my projects. On my defence: nobody seems to be missing the wooden spider).



The unexpected benefit from these children friendly doorknobs is that they can be as long as you want, thus allowing your little one to reach the handle and easily opening the wardrobe door.


So, what you’ll need:

  • knitting dolly
  • yarn in the colour of your choice.
  • big wooden beads at least 2 (I used 4, 2 inside and 2 outside, I’ll show you soon)

How to knit your doorknob

If you don’t know how to use a knitting dolly, don’t worry it is sooooo easy. you can look up any video online and you’ll learn in less than a minute, promise!

Start knitting your knob… to decide the length you need to keep in mind that you’ll knot both ends of the cord.

Once you have the cord in the desired length make a knot at one end and place one wooden bead then fit the cord through the door hole, place second bead and knot again… That’s it. Done. Easy, right?


One more idea

During the move -big messy international move- we lost the base of this peg puzzle. I loved it for so many reasons: it was my eldest daughter first puzzle, it is beautiful, the colours are amazing so I could just get rid of it.



So I transformed it into a nice clothes hook. Made the girls choose 2 animals each, and I simply stuck them to the inner side of the wardrobe with some glue.

I also stuck two on the side of the wardrobe.

Hope you liked these ideas!

clothes hook2


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